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Say Yes this Advent


The birds were hanging out around my feeders early this morning. Our dogs had decided to allow me to sleep a bit longer than usual and so it surprised me to look out on the deck and notice a Blue Jay staring at me from the deck railing. Another motion caught my eye from the red twig dogwood which was a downy woodpecker examining the branches for food. Then another movement under a pine tree revealed a red belly woodpecker. My senses slowly began to wake up and get attuned to my surroundings as a variety of birds came into focus. There were doves, cardinals, finches, titmice, chickadees, sparrows and a few others that escaped before I could identify them, darting quickly in and out from my view. Some landed on the ground beneath the feeders while others chased each other in out of the bushes and shrubs, all with the one intention of finding food. I began to wonder how many other things I’ve missed in the past simply because I’d not taken the time to stop and look.
We miss a great deal in life by not taking the time to look around at our surroundings and notice what is in front of our eyes. Some will focus on beauty; some will see only pain. Some will pull away from the immediate scene and gaze out at the distant hills and clouds. How many will notice everything that is around them? Our entire lives can play out like this one scene: Tending to focus on the thing that’s going on with us, forgetting about or ignoring the rest of the world as she turns and takes care of her business. Our energy and time gets consumed by this one event. As we approach Advent, let’s see if we can enlarge our view of the environment. What can be done to see as much of this huge tapestry of life as possible as it plays in front of our eyes day in and day out? When Mary said “Yes” to God, she was agreeing to open herself up to an unimaginable history changing experience. We don’t expect to change any history other than our own with the work done for our souls, but we can work to see any number of new happenings right in front of us if we, too, can say “Yes” to God. Let us greet this season of Advent with our eyes, mind, and heart wide open so that our experience of waiting for the newborn Christ gives us a larger view of the world than we would normally expect. Amen.

Deacon Pete

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