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Our Expectations

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought would be spectacular and had it developed only to find out that it was pretty much an average shot?  Or how about taking some random shots here and there, forgetting about them, only to find later that they contained real beauty or some other unexpected image that caught your attention?  The first instance can be disappointing, the latter joyful.  Let’s use that same process for things going on in our lives.  How often have we waited for an event to happen or a date to arrive, eagerly expecting the most awesome time we could think of only to have it disappoint us with mediocrity – or worse – complete failure?  Yet again, without notice, we run into an old friend or get a surprise phone call from a relative we haven’t spoken to in years?  As we recall our wonderful times together we sit with tears of joy from so much laughter.  Such is how we often view our relationship with God and our church.  Sometimes the things we expect to end up as mighty and wondrous barely make it into the conversation at our Sunday after-service-breakfast.  Other times we hear a song that the choir sings or watch as a child lovingly takes Holy Communion in her little hands, and we connect with that moment like never before.  The Holy is revealed and our emotions cannot be contained!

What if we were to view all of life this way?  What if we stopped having expectations and took each moment as it was given to us?  Would we revel in the sudden moments where God reveals the “kingdom that has come” again and again when we least expect it?  Could we stop imposing great pressures on ourselves that keep us from seeing what God has to offer in the small, casual moments of the day?  While it is difficult to change our habits on some things in life, there comes a time where we really need to stop and take notice of where our attention lies and what our expectations are.  Change is not something we normally like to do.  Yet everyone is given the kingdom for their pleasure and joy at any and all times whether we see it or not.  With some practice and straight forward thinking we can hopefully make the needed changes and begin to take notice as they unfold before us.

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