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Spring into Easter

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Spring has been my favorite time of year, rivaled only by autumn.  Perhaps the only reason it nudges out the fall is because of the arrival of warmer weather and longer days.  Both provide the coolness I enjoy.  They have their own smells that nature provides; one the humus-filled scent of dying vegetation while the other brings fragrance provided by new-born blossoms on the ground and in the trees.  We all know of the cycle of life and death in nature; the seeds from last year’s now dead plants sit under that layer of nutritious, dying leaves and compost, waiting for the warmer weather to germinate and provide this year’s beauty and food.  The biological cycle continues.  There are other cycles, some we may be aware of such as the liturgical life of the church that takes us on a journey similar to this.  And I was extremely pleased to see how well it is being taught to our youngsters in Godly Play.  The relevance of the death and resurrection, Lent and Easter, being firmly linked in a cycle, not having one without the other, was so vividly displayed in the presentation for Adult Forum.  How seldom we use a child’s toy to discover relative simplicities and explanations of life from it!  To explain something so deep using a piece of board painted different colors on either side, showing them as different yet inseparable was too easy.  And this caused me to sit back and ask why I make things so hard for myself at times.  Why is it that as adults we attempt to understand this relationship between death and resurrection by studying the writings of theologians, mystics, and saints?  We read, study, meditate or sit in centering prayer, yearning to be blessed with a glimpse of the mystery of Christ having to suffer and die to become whole.  Yet it can be just as accessible as to be found in a toy.  Sometimes child-play is much more educational and significant than we know.  Just like the offerings of spring.  We look at the beauty of new growth, smell the perfumed air, and feel the warm breeze on our skin and perhaps wonder how we arrived at this point?  Maybe this year instead of trying to comprehend the depths of these wonders, I’ll just sit back and enjoy them as I did when I was a child.  We can only imagine what might be revealed if we take some time to play.  May you all have a blessed Easter! 

In Christ,

Deacon Pete.