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The Epiphanies in our Lives

How do you relate to the word “epiphany”:  As the name of a church holiday or season?  One of the most thought provoking definitions of the word I came across was from an on-line source.  It was not the initial description of the word that jumped out at me which was “a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something…”  That portion was familiar.  It was what followed that struck me:  “…usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.”  How true it can be that such powerful experiences emerge from what appear to be ordinary.  We go about our lives through our daily routines when we pick up our mug to take a drink and suddenly that little action ignites an insight into the meaning of a bible passage … or maybe even a childhood experience is unearthed that causes you to realize why you use mugs and not cups … it’s the simple action that causes a reaction and produces this awareness.

Even in our spiritual lives it’s through common things that our awareness of the birth and rebirth of our soul’s longing to touch Christ can be ignited.  Perhaps it’s a simple glance at an animal, a familiar gesture, a whiff of something baking or the smell of perfume.  Just as it was through a small child that our salvation was revealed, so it can be through the small parts of our lives that God’s presence might be revealed.  The epiphany lies not in the grand nature of the situation at hand; the epiphany is in the grand nature of the realization that comes over us.  It is quite simply the Divine breaking through into our consciousness.  In today’s watered down expressions where you hear people talk about how they had an “epic” cup of coffee, let’s not confuse an epiphany with suddenly remembering where your car keys are while you franticly search for them.  That’s called recollection.  We can have more epiphanies through continued daily prayer and meditation that helps wear down the wall we’ve built between us and the Divine.  As we do so, we open ourselves to the possibilities of more and more epiphanies, all when we least expect it, and most through the common, seemingly mundane events of our days. 


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